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Sovcomflot is the leading shipping company operating in Russia and an international leader in hydrocarbon shipping. The highest environmental standards are met at Sovcomflot, with a strong policy for sustainability. The company also incorporates a variety of social responsibility programmes to support the environment and communities. Victor Olerskiy is a member of the board of directors for Sovcomflot and has a vast background in maritime industries, including having headed up Russia’s Maritime and River Transport Federal Agency. Sovcomflot Group works actively to implement programmes for corporate, social and environmental responsibility.

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Energy Efficiency Initiatives

For the shipping industry to minimise its effect on the environment, it is crucial to reduce energy consumption wherever possible. Sovcomflot introduced numerous measures in 2017 to promote fuel efficiency and limit the environmental impact of the use of energy and fuel resources. These included the application of slow steaming to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, the establishment of an energy conservation culture, new monitoring and checking procedures and other measures to minimise consumption of fuel in the main engines across the fleet.

Some details about the Sovcomflot fleet can be found in the embedded infographic.

Supporting Healthcare and Education for Children

As part of its social responsibility programme, Sovcomflot supports healthcare and education for children across two institutions: the Safonovo Educational Orphanage and St. Olga’s Children’s Hospital. Sovcomflot makes regular financial donations to Safonovo, a boarding school for children without parents located in the Smolensk region of the Russian Federation. These donations help fund initiatives such as purchasing computers and classroom equipment, making essential repairs to school buildings and providing opportunities for leisure activities for the children. Sovcomflot employees are encouraged to make regular visits to meet the staff and pupils of Safonovo. St. Olga’s Children’s Hospital is located in St. Petersburg and Sovcomflot contributes funds that help the institution acquire life-saving medical equipment and upgrades, particularly in the emergency and intensive care units.

Supporting Nature Conservation

In support of nature conservation, Sovcomflot has provided regular philanthropic assistance since 2012 to the development of the “Land of the Leopard” national park as part of a Russian geographical society initiative. This initiative works with the endangered Amur Leopard in the Primorsk region’s only protected territory, funding study of the leopards and protecting and nurturing the population.

Supporting Sporting Initiatives for Children and Young Adults

An important part of the sponsorship activity of Sovcomflot is the support and promotion of sailing and water sports for children and young adults. The company provides financing for a variety of events designed to help young people access opportunities to learn how to sail and to compete in international events including the Olympics. Sovcomflot also sponsors the annual swimming championship known as the Salnikov Cup, which is held in St. Petersburg.

Maintaining the Heritage of Russia

For several years, Sovcomflot has supported a variety of initiatives designed to maintain the cultural, spiritual and historical heritage of Russia. These include sponsoring a statue of Yuri Gagarin, located at Greenwich’s Royal Observatory. Russian America – 200 Years of Fort Ross, is an initiative from the Russian geographical society supported by Sovcomflot. Fort Ross in Northern California is a former Russian settlement founded in 1812 and is recognised as a place of nationally significant value. Sovcomflot also provides support for meetings of Russian and British veterans of the Arctic Convoys.

View the PDF attachment to learn more about Sovcomflot’s support for the naval academies of Russia.