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Russian Fishery Company (RFC) was established in 2011 as a commercial fishing enterprise and developed rapidly. Founded by a group of private investors in Russia, the initial aim of RFC was the consolidation of fishing assets across the different Russian regions. Many large fishing companies of the Far East are today included under the umbrella of RFC. Victor Olerskiy joined the board of directors for Russian Fishery LLC in 2018. RFC aims to become one of the top five fishing companies in the world.

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Vessels, Equipment, Buildings and Resources

RFC currently has 13 fishing vessels, which include Borodino, Vladivostok, Kapitan Oleynichuk and Berezina. Each vessel is suitable to work under all climate conditions and in all areas of fishing. State-of-the-art modern technology is equipped on each vessel, sourced from leading international suppliers. Two of the transport vessels of RFC have the capability to provide an uninterrupted trawler supply line and deliver products directly to the company’s customers. In Vladivostok, RFC owns a docking facility and warehouse and facilitates technical fleet maintenance at minimal cost between voyages. There are currently more than 1,500 employees of RFC.

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The main products of RFC are Alaska pollock and Pacific herring, comprising more than 290,000 tonnes of catch in 2017. RFC also catches crab and laemonema. The product range includes fillets, blocks, roe, liver, fishmeal, milt and mince. All fish are captured by trawling, and storage time after trawling is kept to a minimum. Caught fish are washed in antiseptic sea water at a temperature between 10 and 15 degrees and sorted carefully in accordance with the type of fish, size and integrity. All produce is inspected carefully for foreign bodies or any non-standard product, which can then be eliminated before processing. Electronic marine scales are used in the processing to ensure accurate product weights regardless of vessel motion. Freezing is then completed using a freezing agent and contact process, preserving the product at the highest quality and retaining intracellular moisture.

Soren Dalsager Hired as New CCO

In late 2018, Russian Fishery Company announced the hiring of Soren Dalsager as the new Chief Commercial Officer of the company. Dalsager comes from a long background in the global fishing industry, with more than three decades or experience. High level previous postings include co-founder of both Yutai Seafood and Everfish International. Immediately prior to his role at RFC, Dalsager was working as head of US sales for Royal Greenland. Dalsager retains strong links with the two companies he co-founded, which are located in China where RFC is seeking to expand its sales of crab and pollock. He will now lead the efforts of RFC to transition from a focus on fishing and production towards a more customer-focused and market-driven business.

Downstream Growth

RFC has plans for downstream growth, which were announced at the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo recently. These include a ramping up in volume of both crab and pollock and talking with partners in China for both species. In the Far East of Russia there are plans for a new pollock processing plant, which is hoped to be completed by 2020. New finished products are also in the pipeline. In the short video attachment, learn more about plans for a new fleet of between seven and ten super-trawlers for RFC.