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Victor Olerskiy

Former Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation and the former Head of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport.

Professional & Personal Interests

Born in 1965, Olerskiy attended Higher Naval Engineering School, where he graduated with a degree in Radio Engineering.
This blog will cover several topics that relate to Victor Olerskiy’s professional and personal interests, from his board memberships to his hobbies.

The blog will discuss subjects such as whether the Arctic Route is the future of shipping, and the enormous complexities of Artic Maritime traffic.


Victor Olerskiy’s interest in shipping will inspire many of this blog’s posts

With articles on shipping in polar waters, NSR International Regulations such as MARPOL and UNCLOS, and other areas such as nautical charts and navigational support for vessels.

Maritime & River Transport

Mr Olerskiy’s interest in maritime and river transport extends to fishing, which is a great passion and hobby for the former Head of the Federal Agency for Martime and River Transport. Other areas of interest with regards to fishing include investing in Russian wild whitefish and the best places to go fishing in Russia.
Hobbies & Interests
This blog will look at other hobbies and areas of interest for Mr Olerskiy, such as the best spots for skiing in Russia and the history of the Russian football team Zenith St Petersburg. Victor Olerskiy enjoys fishing in Norway, Finland and Russia, as well as yachting in the Baltic sea and the Finnish gulf. Olerskiy’s life has been dedicated to the sea, as both his professional life and personal life revolve around maritime activities.

At present Victor Olerskiy is on the Board of Directors for PAO Sovcomflot, a position he took up in 2017 – and has more recently joined the Board of Directors for the Russian Fishery LLC in 2018.